This exhibit is a reflection on the tumultuous journey of the loss of the ability to express oneself in one form of language and the inescapable need to find another. In the course of the mourning process of such a loss an old language emerged as new. This dialect had transformed in light of this deprivation, and in such metamorphosis, it allowed me to transcribe a melodic idiom into a two dimensional one.The silence was lifted, and as it did, I emanated from a metamorphic and cathartic journey that permitted me to utter both languages with an ease of flow from one to the other. 

Through the use of mixed media, and particularly media that repulse each other such as oil-based and water-based pigments, there is a process in which this conflict forces me as the artist to surrender to a loss of control. This removes all inhibitions, thereby inducing the highest level of authenticity, and this collection is therefore a series of pure psychological snapshots that show the journey’s progression.