A joint exhibition with acclaimed VISUAL artist, Suzanne Laird

Leigh Square Community Arts Village was pleased to introduce a joint exhibition of Karen Santos and Suzanne Laird. Shattering the Silence features Santos’ expressionist paintings and prints, and Laird’s mixed media pieces, a blend of painting and sculpture. In this powerful exhibit, Karen Santos and Suzanne Laird aim to shatter the silence surrounding mental and emotional health by showcasing their own journeys from physical and psychological trauma to healing and recovery. 

Karen Santos' work explores feelings profound loss. The series conveys a journey of healing, taking us through each step in the recovery process. Santos’ prints and paintings are expressionist portraits depicting different emotions and psychological states as a means to explore the symbiotic relationship between affects and art. This exhibit will provoke the viewer to analyze how they are affected by their own perception of each portrait and help them through the process of healing.