This set of art works speaks of the illusion of reaching a cadence or arriving somewhere by playing with the use of a horizon line. This line is just a line, a geometric shape, that somehow has enough power to give us hope and make us believe that there is something else beyond there. However, there is a fault in each horizon line that prevents the viewer from landing. The work challenges the fine line between abstraction and landscape in order to depict a sense of instability. 

As the title of the exhibit suggests, I am inspired by the idea of constantly searching along the skyline in pursuit of a goal, yet once that goal is reached, there are always new goals to pursue that can be seen in the distance. This sense of persistent chasing is both what I question in my art work and what invigorates me to continue looking forward in search of health and success. This process has allowed me to find serenity as it has forced me to keep my gaze up toward the horizon in search of a better outcome without letting me struggle in my trauma. My aim is to invite the viewer to look forward in their own journey.