Karen Santos is a talented soprano AND visual artist who is able to combine both disciplines with incredible creativity. In the past, there was a strong notion that an artist could only be defined by a single discipline and cross-disciplinary ties were discouraged. If one was a singer, they could only be a singer; if one was a visual artist, they could only be a visual artist. The idea that one could be both seemed to rattle the art world.  

Photograph by Michelle Doherty

Photograph by Michelle Doherty

Still today, the concept of having a multidisciplinary art experience seems rare. Yet Karen Santos has set out to change the landscape of the art world and offer audiences around the globe new ways of experiencing art. Why should visual art be confined by the walls of a gallery? Why should classical music be restricted by the same traditional format? Our society has changed very rapidly and therefore the demand for archaic presentations of these art forms has significantly declined. This has instigated a desperate need for an update to the way we offer art to our audiences. Thankfully, a new generation of creative artists has come onto the scene to keep these art forms alive, and Karen Santos is one of them.

Born and raised in Mexico City, Karen grew up sorrounded by the vivid colours, music, folklore, and incredibly rich Mexican culture. At nineteen, she moved to Canada to complete her first degree, a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Arts from the University of British Columbia, where she championed the vividness of her culture through her expressive use of colour and theme. She then completed a Bachelor of Music in Opera Performance at the Vancouver Academy of Music, and now she is based in Winnipeg as she studies her Master’s of Music at the University of Manitoba.

Karen's vocal and artistic background has acted as a catalyst that transformed the way she expressed herself. She has married both forms of art in new and groundbreaking ways that demonstrate her incredible tenacity to understand both disciplines so intimately and join them so eloquently.